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HavenTechnik is an Embedded Engineering initiative. We design and produce systems and projects to client specifications for a range of applications. These include, but not limited to, applications from domestic to industrial based on micro controller technology from vendors such as Microchip and other market leaders. We provide products and services in the areas listed below, and provide a range of system development platforms. If your project is commercial, or a rapid prototype, software only (desktop, app or webb app) contact us:

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Products and Systems


Development boards for the powerful and extensible PIC Microcontroller in the 16Fxx and 18Fxx families. The DEVCC - V40 is one member of the PIC Development boards in the DEVCC family, which enables the PIC Developers to create solutions and systems using a extensible platform. Using a DEVCC or Radix you can develop systems and solutions for:

  • Environmental Monitoring & Control
  • GSM
  • WIFI Controlled Systems
  • IOT Systems
  • etc, . . .


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April, 2019

PIC Micro Training: View the developing PIC Micro Training course as it develops and is released.

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