• June, 2019

    Knowledgebase Article : How to add a motion sensor The motion sensor used is a simple device and although it operates at 5V0, it provides a 3v3 TTL output each time the sensor is triggered. This voltage drop or disparateness can be compensated with the use of a transistor. The 3v3 is used as an input voltage to the transistor, which causes the transistor to switch on. The code will use an inverted approach to the logic and trigger an output. What you connect to the output would be at your discretion.
  • April, 2019

    PIC Microcontroller Training Course : Training is essential to upskill or stay on par. Access out PIC microcontroller course without charge, to upskill and get to grips with the PIC Micro. The course uses the DEVCC-V40 an easy to use and affordable hardware platform. The easy to use software is also freely avaialble.

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