DEVCC 18 |- Versatile PIC development 18 PIN PICs

DEVCC-18 is a compact and versatile PIC development PCB, economized for size and portability. Supporting the 16F 18PIN range of devices, the PCB delivers an efficient and effective development experience. The PCB includes USB UART (useful for boot loading), selectable power supply, ICSP header and all IO tracked to headers.

Specifications DEVCC-18
USB Powered Capable YES
Device Programming ICSP | USART Bootloader *
Device depedant
3v3 | 5V0 YES
Input Voltage >7Vdc | <9 Vdc
Package 18 PIN DIP socket, MCU available separately
LED | Reset Button YES
Headers Ported PORTs A, B,  tracked
Windows OS Driver support MCP 2200 Driver
Device Purchased separately or selected for purchase on checkout.
DEVCC-18 is bootloader capable, device depdendent.
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DEVCC-V18 - what is it?
DEVCC-V18 is a PIC Microcontroller development platform that allows the avid hobbiyst and professioal user to build applications. The PCB is designed to support the PIC16F 18 PIN devices. This family of PIC devices is highly capable with many on board peripherals, digital IO, A2D, Serial coms, etc
Features . . .

  • Jumper selectable PSU 3v3 | 5v0
  • USB-UART, self powered
  • Reset button
  • Power LED
  • All IO tracked to headers
  • ICSP header
DEVCC- V18 is designed with future requirements in mind. The compact design supports low power applications, has selectable COMPORT, and selectable voltage.
Deploy Applications
Embedded applications range from standalone systems which control a single element, to wired or wireless applications interconnected for reporting and monitoring. DEVCC- V18 is an ideal, cost effective and well supported tool with an efficient tool chain that will assist in completing projects and getting products to market.