Embedded Technology


Microtrontrollers offer an ever increasing flexibility and extensibility in meeting modern demands. Utilizing the latest in optimised devices the development team produces solutions and products catering to a wide range of applications. These include, but not limited to, automation, IOT, Temperature monitoring and control, alternative energy.

Using our proprietry development tools for the versatile and extensible PIC Microcontroller, the team develops solutions and systems using a extensible platform. Using a DEVCC or Radix you can develop systems and solutions.

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Products and Systems



HavenTechnik offers a focussed product range, leveraging embedded technology and integration technology strategies between PC and mobile systems. These technologies enable integration between lower level electronic systems and their more advanced counterparts. This facilitates IOT, Datacapture & analysis along with IOT integration.

  • Environmental Monitoring & Control
  • GSM
  • WIFI Controlled Systems
  • IOT Systems
  • C# and .NET Application Development
  • etc, . . .


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May 2020

We are upgrading INUIT with a new range of features. INUIT offers a range of features for monitoring either fixed or mobile cold-storage units. This includes basic access control, temperature monitoring and event notificaions.

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