HavenTechnik designs and manufactures a range of embedded products for automation and system development projects. We leverage embedded technology in our solutions strategy to automate systems and pocesses, integrating these with PC, Service or Mobile Systems. Using the versatile PIC Microcontroller, the team develops solutions and systems using these extensible devices.

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RADIX,  a series of reprogrammable, multipurpose embedded development boards that enables development of compact systems for 16F/18F PIC devices in different packages. The development boards have a power indicator LED, reset buttom, and IC fitted or DIP IC Holder  that enables you to start developing straight away with minimal technical support and know how.  

* The ICSP Header is compatiable PICKIT 3 and PICKIT 4, enabling integration wit the standard Microchip tool chain.
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Sliver: 20 pin PIC Development PCb
SCALAE  is a reprogrammable, multipurpose embedded development platform with capable PLC styled features.  The units can be DIN rail mounted and drop in as automation system replacements for more expensive alternatives.  

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* Alternative devices are available on request.

SCALAE SENSE: is a versatile PIC Microcontroller-based PLC. The unit is designed specifically for analogue signal aquisition in automation applications, control systems, small machine automation and other similar systems. With 4 analohue inputs, 1optically isolated input, and 2 darlington outputs,the Scalae is a cost effective platform..
  • Device : PIC16F Devices
  • Type : 18 PIN DIP *
  • USB UART : CH340G included with USB Type B connector for serial COMS, RS485 capable
  • Usage : Automation Solutions / Control Systems
  • Inputs : Opto coupled Input
  • Outputs: 2 x Darlington Transistors
  • Programming: ICSP Header and Bootloader
* Alternative PICs to the PIC 16F1827are available. Enquire for alternatives. Please see the supported devices list for additional supported devices.
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The RADIX-ECHO  are a compact and versatile PIC Microcontroller-based rapid development platform for the 16Fxxx | 18Fxxx,  48PIN TQFP devices from Microchip . The PCB is designed for use in a development or educational environmet to test and develop code, or develop an entire system. Equally, a professional or serious hobbyist will be able to develop systems and applications using this versatile platform.  During the design process the RADIX-ECHO's development boards have their MCUs carefully chosen for features, availability and scope of development options. Each PCB is designed with prototyping flexibility in mind, the best power options, tool chain flexibility and I/O accessibility so that the PIC Embedded developer has a practical development tool on their workbench.
  • Device :PIC18Fxxx | PIC16Fxxx Devices *
  • Type : 48PIN TQFP
  • USB UART :  CH340G included with USB Type B connector for serial COMS
  • Usage : Desktop and breadboard
  • IO : Inputs & Outputs Headers Tracked
  • Programming: ICSP Header and Bootloader
  • Supported Devices: Supported Devices List
* The PIC18F55K42 | PIC18F57K42 are available at present for this unit. Enquire for alternatives. Please see the supported devices list for additional supported devices.
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The RADIX NANO & SCALAE II  work in tandem to firstly develop your application and secondly deploy it. Using the Nano 28B enables test and development while the SCALAE integrates the application with the real world.
  • Device : PIC16F886 *
  • Type : 28 PIN DIP
  • Usage : Systems and application test and development.
  • IO : Inputs & Outputs Headers Tracked with similar I/O available on the PCB
  • Supported Devices: Supported Devices List
* The PIC is compatable for both the NANO and the Scalae, and you can move the physcial micro between applications.
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 Training and Learning
Upskill in your preferred method of embedded system programming. Our training resources offer upskilling in C and Ladder programming. If you are more for a natural language style development then C will suit you. If working with an industrial option, then learning ladder with LDMicro is for you.

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Browse our growing knowledge base for product related contect, and additional resources. Articles covering key subjects are provided along with key resources to improve the usage of your product purchase

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