ESCA - Food Production Automation And Monitoring




ESCA - what is it?
ESCA is an embedded platform which automates aspects of food production. The system can be applied to both greendhoused and open air farming techniques.

  • Temperature, humidity, soil moisture level
  • Water usage monitoring
  • Low power opertion for remote areas
  • Sensor capability: DHT11, DS18B20
  • mikrobus Support
  • Reset button
  • Power LED
  • ICSP | Bootloader capable
  • Wired and Wireless connectivity options
ESCA is in development as an extensible system with varied integration points which enable the system installer to automate the operation with ease and leverage the features that ESCA offers.
  • Sensor integration for enviromental monitoring
  • Easy integration into non automated applications
  • Mikrobus support enaables the system to be integrated with existing farmimg operation
Food Production Applications
With sustainable food production beconing an issue of concern, ESCA is a system which will enable food producers to monitoring their production environments and the resources used in the process.