SCALAE  AUTO |- Versatile PLC Module for automation applications.

 SCALAE- AUTO  is an MCU based PLC styled automation module enabling the remote control of a corresponding module. Incorpating a powerfull MCU, optically isolated inputs, transistorised outputs, analong signal conditioning, I2C interace and USB communication capability. The SCALAE-AUTO is an extensible core element around which to center and build automation applications.

SCALAE  AUTO |- General Specifications for the PLC Range
Power In AC - 220VAC
USB Powered Capable NO
Device Programming ICSP | USART Bootloader
Power Input 18 - 75Vdc
Operational Voltage 5Vdc
MCU Technology 44 PIN TQFP, PIC18F16F188xx family
LED | Reset Button YES
Adress Range 8 BIT | 255 Addresses
Recommended For Automation Applications
USB UART V2 - CH340G Windows Driver Support
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SCALAE AUTO,- what is it?
SCALAE- AUTOUTO is a PIC Microcontroller based PLC styled module that is ideal for automation applications. Dropped in to support existing installations or ideal for new projects.
Features . . .

  • PIC16F887
  • PLC Styled I/O
    • 8 Inputs
    • 8 Outputs
  • USB-UART ( Communications & Debugging)
  • Reset button
  • Power LED
  • ICSP header
SCALE - AUTO is designed to cater to existing and new installations. Offering a rugged, simplified designe the unit offers endurance once commisioned.
Deploy Applications
Embedded applications range from standalone systems which control a single element, the SCALAE-AUTO is a versatile extensible tool to tie these elements together. SCALAE-AUTO is a cost effective and well supported systems integration tool.
Product  Resources
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Getting Started Guide REV 0 Online Documentation
Software LDmicro Support Page, available via Github