SCALAE  CONTROL |- Versatile RF Link Module
SCALAE CONTROL  is a RF Link automation module enabling the remote control of a corresponding module. A transmission | receive topology, paired with a unique address enables the transmission module to activate the output of a corresponding receiving module. Applications: Used in the automation of power backup systems, where a control signal is used to activate a generator. The wireless link is ideal for short distance applications to reduce cabling requirements.

SCALAE  CONTROL |- General Specifications
  • Standard module, configurable as either Transmit or Receive
  • Supports both frequency ranges of 315MHZ and 433 MHZ
  • Advanced Setup Features
    • Wide address range, 255 options
    • On Board dip switch configuration
Power in DC Module
USB Powered Capable YES - for confihuration only
Device Programming ICSP | USART Bootloader
Operational Power 5V0 DC
Operational Voltage 18 Vdc – 75 Vdc
MCU P16F18877, 44 PIN TQFP
LED | Reset Button YES
Frequency Frequency 315MHZ | 433 MHZ
Transmission Range 100m (Line of Sight)
Reccomended Device Recomended Device Family
USB UART V2 - CH340G Windows Driver Support
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RADIX COTROL is bootloader capable, device dependant.
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RADIX CONTROL,- what is it?
RADIX CONTROL is a PIC Microcontroller based RF LInke module that allows the avid hobbiyst and professioal user to build applications. The PCB is designed to host the 44 PIN TQFP Package.
Features . . .

  • PIC16F or PIC18F Microntroller
  • USB-UART, self powered
  • Reset button
  • Power LED
  • ICSP header
RADIX-CONTROL is designed to cater to existing devices and families. The traditional devices for example the PIC16F887, PIC18F4520, PIC18F45K22 and recently the PIC18F46K40.The introduction of newer devices and families enhances the capabilities of the RADIX - DUO family. If you have a specific device that you need, please contacts us.
Deploy Applications
Embedded applications range from standalone systems which control a single element, to wired or wireless applications interconnected for reporting and monitoring. RADIX-CONTROL is an ideal, cost effective and well supported tool with an efficient tool chain that will assist in completing projects and getting products to market.
Product  Resources
Document Title REV Description
 Getting Started Gudie : Radix Duo REV 1 Overview document which outlines first steps to using the Radix Duo.
 CH340 Driver Current CH340 G Driver for windows based PCs