SCALAE CRYOS  is an environment monitoring system that is configurable and versatile. PIC Microcontroller based embedded system for low cost cold storage management. Supporting cost effective and standardised technology, the unit uses existing infrastructure to tie in for data reporting event notifications. Reporting is via WIFI or GSM* depending on requirements.

* Compatiable GSM module is currently under development.
Specifications CRYOS | NODE
Device PIC Microcontroller: PIC18F2XKXX - SOIC  family device
USB Connectivity YES - for system configuration local data logging.
Device Programming ICSP | USART Bootloader
Power Supply Onboard PSU, optimised for low power operation.*
IO Reset Button ,Opto Istolated inputs, Relay Output
Temperature Sensors Dallas 1-Wire (Ruggardised), LM35, DHT-11
Communication WIFI - ESP8266, optional module
Windows OS Driver support
Availability See online store.
Cryos |NODE  is bootloader capable, device depdendent.
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What is it?
SCALAE | CRYOS is a low cost cold storage monitoring system designed for mobile, container style or cold room style installations. The unit is supplied with dedicated firmware with support for customer orientated custom code. The unit is supplied with a powerfull micrcontroller with optio isolated inputs, a relay output, Dallas 1-wire sensir and is WIFI capable.
Features . . .

  • PIC Microcontroller - 8 BIT
  • On Board Power supply
  • USB-UART for unit configuration and local data logging
  • Reset button & Power LED
  • System Interaction
    • 1 x Dallas 1 Wire Channel (Ruggardized Sensor)
    • 2 Opto Isolated Inputs
    • Relay Output
    • OLED Display capable for status notifications
  • ICSP header
Usage and Integration
CRYOS NODE is designed to integrate with an existing or new cold storage implementations. The unit is compact, low power and couples seamlessly with existiing infrastructure for power and communication requirements. Designed for cost effectiveness in mind, the unit is highly competive in features and capabilities.
Display Applications
Embedded applications range from standalone systems which control a single element, to wired or wireless applications interconnected for reporting and monitoring. NODE is an ideal, cost effective and well supported tool with an efficient tool chain that will assist in completing projects and getting products to market.
Temperature Sensor
SCALAE - CRYOS offers the selection of 3 different types of sensors. The unit is preprogrammed to function with either of them. You have the choice of:
  • LM35
  • Dallas 1 wire 1B20
  • DHT-11

Opto Inputs & Relay Out

The Opto-Coupled inputs isolate Cryos's low voltage control circuitry from the outside world. The allows the unit to be integrated with high voltage systems and work with high voltage input signals safely. Two configurable inputs are available.
The unit includes a relay which allows the unit to switch a high voltage load, or to be integrated with an adjacent system to do the same.
NODE offers a number of methods for wireless integration. The following are currently available:
  • ESP8266
  • GSM Modem*
The wireless module is housed inside the din-rail enclosure, operating on the interal power supply.
Real time Data Display
Cryos offers the opton of an integrated display, which will report the temperature locally for display at the unit.