Retired Product
This product has been retired, and will be replaced shortly with a more advanced and feature rich alternative.
Curiosity may drive us to try out something new, but it is only when we really Delve into it that we explore, learn new things and build great applications and solutions. Delve provides two mikrobus sockets which aligns the development board with a prototyping pool > 600 shields strong. This vast pool of shields to choose from enables the user to work on any project using the Delve complemented by an easy to use and configure click board.
Delve is a versatile and easy to use PIC Development platform. It supports a 40 PIN PIC device which can be exchanged for an alternative device. Dual programming headers, and a USB UART enable easy programming or bootloading depening on the requirements. All I/O are tracked to headers, which are labelled and easily acessible. The Delve is multi project capable offering an easy to use and recobfigurable solution to development requirements.


Specification Details
Power Input DC: 7 Vdc <, reverse polarity protected
Power Operation 3v3 or 5V0, Jumper selection 1
Power Indication Power LED
PIC Device PIC18F45K22, 40 PIN PIC installed in the IC Holder.
MikroBus 2 Mikro Slots are avaialable
PINs All PIC pins are tracked to the headers. PORTS A, B, C, D, E
Programming ICSP (Microchip standard, 5 PIN header),
MikroProg (MikroElektronika Programming tool)
Communications MCP2221, USB UART on UART 1 2
1 : Power supply opoeration dependant on the LD1117 installed.
2: Additional communication channels or types can be added using a mikroClick board.