Retired Product
This product has been retired, with the contet remaining for information purposes only.

IOT - Ethernet

The IOT ETH is an IOT Development platform caters to developmeny of IOT orientated systems and products. The development board hosts a PIC18F67J60, which has an integrated ethernet controller. This enables a developer to create an ethernet based IOT system with low pincount, and lower power consuption.

Specification Details
Power Input DC: 7 Vdc <, reverse polarity protected
Power Operation 3v3 or 5V0, Jumper selection 1
Power Indication Power LED
PIC Device PIC18F67J60
MikroBus 1 Mikro Slots are available
PINs All PIC pins are tracked to the headers. PORTS A, B, C, D, E, F, G
Programming ICSP (Microchip standard, 5 PIN header),
MikroProg (MikroElektronika Programming tool)
Communications MCP2221, USB UART on UART 1 2
RJ45 Standard Ethernet Connector
Relays (Actuators) 2 Relays
Normally open, Normally Closed
1 : Power supply opoeration dependant on the LD1117 installed.
2: Additional communication channels or types can be added using a mikroClick board.