MIC-PSU is a compact and versatile power supply, based on the MIC29302 an adjustable LDO Linear Regulator. The PCB is compact which enables easy integration with existing systems.

Specifications MIC-PSU
DC In 16 VDC
DC Out <2 Vdc to 16 VDC
Device MIC29302
Voltage Output Adjustable using potentiomter
Package Swatch form factor
Price TBC
All currency in ZAR, South African Rands


MIC-PSU - what is it?
MIC-PSU is a linear power supply unit that allows the avid hobbiyst and professioal user to build applications. The PCB is designed as an addon for applications that require low DC voltage at hight current.
Features . . .

  • Adjustable PSU
  • Edge Cnnectors easy connection
  • Power LED
MIC-PSU is designed for high current low voltage applications.
Deploy Applications
Embedded applications range from standalone systems which control a single element, to wired or wireless applications interconnected for reporting and monitoring. MIC-PSU is an ideal, cost effective and well supported tool with an efficient tool chain that will assist in completing projects and getting products to market.